Finally opening my website to the public

In a couple of days, Im gonna launch my website...

NOTE: If your reading this, I've probably already launched it.

This is my first blog, what can I say. haha Welcome! I'll be using my blog more frequently. In this blog, I will be documenting all the projects that I'm working on. I will document everything that I do, you will see all my failures and success unfold as I try entering the world of the social media.

haha so stay tuned. Also if anyone wants to be a guest blogger, email me at

More than anything CRUX WORLD WIDE is more of a social experiment, a personal project that has been harboring my dreams for a very long time now. Below are the three main Characters that I want to be associated with CRUX WORLD WIDE. 

  right to left:   Crux Clown, Franky Stacks, Arnie

right to left: Crux Clown, Franky Stacks, Arnie

I want these three characters to be apart of the branding. The same way The Hundreds has the Adam Bomb character or how Obey has Andre The Giant. For this experiment to work, consistency is key. Be on the look out for these guys. Ill post more soon. :)